Pennsylvania Lottery Numbers

The Pennsylvania Lottery offers a huge number of games and a great amount of prizes – and it's all for a good cause.

Lottery fans have a lot of games to keep up with if they live in Pennsylvania, so you're already ahead of the pack if you're checking this page! Simply click on a result from a lottery game to view a full prize breakdown and winning numbers for that date. You'll never be left in the dark wondering whether or not you're a big winner.

Current Games include : Powerball - Mega Millions - Pennsylvania Cash 5 with Quick Cash - Treasure Hunt - Pick 2 - Pick 3 - Pick 4 - Pick 5 - Match 6 - Cash4Life.

Buying Tickets

PA lottery tickets are currently only available to buy in the state, however multi-state games Powerball and Mega Millions are available to enter around the world thanks to dedicated online services.

Pennsylvania Lottery Drawing Schedule

Get the details of all the drawing times and ticket sale cut-offs for popular PA games:

Game Draw Days Draw Times* Ticket Sales Close At*
Powerball Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 10:59 PM 9:59 PM
Mega Millions Tuesday & Friday 11:00 PM 9:59 PM
Cash4Life Daily 9:00 PM 8:45 PM
Match 6 Lotto Daily 6:59 PM 6:57 PM
Cash 5 Daily 6:59 PM 6:57 PM
Pick 5 Daily 1:35 PM & 6:59 PM 1:05 PM & 6:57 PM
Pick 4 Daily 1:35 PM & 6:59 PM 1:05 PM & 6:57 PM
Pick 3 Daily 1:35 PM & 6:59 PM 1:05 PM & 6:57 PM
Pick 2 Daily 1:35 PM & 6:59 PM 1:05 PM & 6:57 PM
Treasure Hunt Daily 1:35 PM 1:05 PM
*Times are shown in EST.

Game Information

Pennsylvania Lottery players have a number of exciting games to choose from, including Mega Millions, Cash4Life, and Powerball.

The state is also one of the only places in the country where players can get their hands on the Powerball Double Play add-on. Double Play adds $1 per play for an extra chance to take home great cash prizes of up to $10 million in a second draw.

Check out other great PA games below ...

Pick 2

Draws twice a day, a range of play styles to choose from and a top prize of $50 keep this game fun. Add on Wild Ball for even more chances to win.

Visit the Pick 2 page to learn more.

Pick 3

Featuring a top prize of $500 and draws twice a day plus a variety of play styles, you can also add Wild Ball for extra winning combo options.

Visit the Pick 3 dedicated page for more information.

Pick 4

A top prize of $5,000 to be won twice a day, a range of play types, and the Wild Ball add-on for even more cash prizes adds up to a game you'll want to try.

Visit the Pick 4 page for all the details.

Pick 5

Get a shot at a $50,000 top prize twice daily, and add the Wild Ball option for extra chances at cash prize combinations.

Visit the Pick 5 page to learn more.

Wild Ball

Wild Ball is an option that may be added to any Pick game to create more winning combinations. A Wild Ball number is selected at every draw and may be used to replace one of the lottery's numbers for more ways to win.

Visit the Wild Ball page for further details.

Cash 5 with Quick Cash

Featuring a jackpot that often rolls into hundreds of thousands of dollars to be won every day. With no annuity payments, simply match five numbers to win the grand prize and take it all home in one payout. Your entry also includes the Quick Cash game for the chance to win a prize instantly.

Visit the Cash 5 with Quick Cash dedicated page for more details.

Match 6 Lotto

The jackpot starts at $500,000 and keeps growing until it's won, and with nightly draws and the chance to win up to four times in each game, players get lots of chances to hit a big cash payday.

Visit the Match 6 Lotto game page for more information.

Treasure Hunt

This pirate-themed daily draw game offers a minimum jackpot of $10,000 that rolls over and increases until it's won.

Visit the Treasure Hunt page for more information.

Instant Win

Want a bit of instant gratification? The Pennsylvania Lottery offers instant win games that will knock your socks off! Tickets can be purchased from any authorized retailer and cost between $1 and $20. The more the game costs, the bigger the top prizes get, with some $20 instant games offering prizes of $1 million to lucky winners. If you don't want to wait around for lottery results, then these instant win games are the right choice for you.

Claiming a Prize

You've triple-checked the numbers, had a glass of water and run around the house screaming. Yep, you've definitely snagged a Pennsylvania Lottery prize! Here's what you need to do next.

There's a time limit on claiming prizes, so get in touch with lottery officials as soon as possible if you've won it big.

  • Pennsylvania Lottery draw game prizes are valid for one year after the date of the drawing
  • If you've won on a Scratch-Off, claim up to one year after sales for the game close
  • Fast Play prizes must be claimed within one year from the purchase date
  • If you've won a massive Mega Millions or Powerball prize, you'll also have 365 days from the date of the drawing to claim

All prizes may be claimed by mail - see below for details.

Retailers may be able to pay out claims up to $2,500. For prizes over $600, you'll need to fill out a claim form.

Claim a prize by mail

To claim a prize of any value by mail, complete the back of your ticket and send to the address below; be sure it's postmarked before the ticket expiration.

For amounts over $600, fill out and send a claim form along with your ticket to:

Pennsylvania Lottery
1200 Fulling Mill Road, Suite 1
Middletown, PA 17057

W-2G tax form

If you need a W-2G tax form, log in to your Pennsylvania Department of Revenue account with your e-Signature details, or register if you're a new user:

Log in to download W-2G tax form

To view the form: 1) Choose "View W-2Gs", 2) Select your desired Tax Year, and 3) Click to view the W-2G.

History of the Pennsylvania Lottery

The Pennsylvania Lottery was established in 1971 in order to provide property tax breaks for the state senior citizens. After generating $57.7 million in revenue in its first year, it was clear that Pennsylvania residents were hooked on playing great games, winning big prizes and supporting good causes.

Today, proceeds from the Pennsylvania Lottery cover rent rebates, free or reduced-price transit passes, low-cost prescriptions and other valuable services for the elderly residents of the Quaker State. These programs help them stay active and part of their communities whether they're 67 or 107!


Want to play awesome Pennsylvania Lottery games and take a shot at winning fantastic prizes? You'll need to be at least 18 years old.

It was announced in August 2016 that, as well as needing to pay federal withholding taxes of 25 percent on all prizes worth more than $5,000, players of the Pennsylvania Lottery would also have to pay state taxes (retroactively from January 2016) of 3.07 percent on their winnings.