North Carolina Lottery App

The North Carolina Lottery app gives you all the results, information and support tools you could want as a fan of games in the Tar Heel state. It’s free to download and then you’ll never be without the winning numbers again as long as you have your iOS or Android device to hand.

North Carolina Lottery App

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North Carolina has produced a number of big jackpot winners in the past and the state offers several lotteries throughout the week. There’s Cash 5, Lucky for Life, Pick 3 and Pick 4, as well as Powerball and Mega Millions.

You can select which lotteries you want to appear on the app as soon as you install it, and even pick which game you want to be displayed first. The latest numbers for all your selected lotteries will appear on the home screen as soon as they are available. You just need to hit ‘Draw Details’ to find out the payouts and more information.

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Download the North Carolina Lottery app to keep up to date with the latest numbers

The North Carolina Lottery app does far more than just deliver the latest results. You can also access the following features:

  • Checker - Find the Checker through the menu and you will see a couple of options. If you select ‘Quick Check’, you can swiftly enter the numbers you played in a game and hit ‘Check Numbers’. You will see a list of recent results and matching numbers will be highlighted, along with the value of any prizes won.

    The other option is to ‘Add Ticket’. This allows you to store your favorite numbers if you regularly play the same ones. The advantage here is that you can save multiple sets and then in future you just have to open the Checker to immediately discover if you are a winner.
  • Generator - The Generator is a useful tool for anyone who is not sure which numbers to pick for the next drawing. A single tap on the ‘Generate’ button and a set of numbers will appear for your game straight away. It is set up to produce numbers at random, with no one number appearing twice in the same way that a lottery draw works. You can keep generating as much as you want, and even save any lines you like to the app so that you can check how they have fared.
  • Results Archive - Whether you’ve come across an old ticket at home or just want to scrutinise previous winning numbers to inform your picks for the next drawing, the app holds previous results in its comprehensive set of archives. Simply select ‘Draw History’ on the home page or ‘Results’ on the menu, then delve back weeks, months or even years.
  • Notifications - You don’t even have to remember to check the results or open the app if you set up the right notifications. You can get alerts when the winning numbers are confirmed, prize breakdowns are announced or even when a jackpot has got up to an amount of your choosing.

Download the North Carolina Lottery app for free on your iOS or Android device now and you’ll also be able to see statistics, help guides and more information.