Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5 is the FL draw game with a top prize of around $200,000 that rolls down if no one wins it! It's not just a dream - if two or more of your numbers match the numbers drawn, you win!

There are two draws every day – a midday draw at 1:05 PM ET and an evening draw at 11:15 PM ET. You can buy tickets up until 12:45 PM for the midday draw, or 10:55 PM for the evening draw. If you miss the cut-off time, don't worry - you'll simply be entered into the next draw.

The jackpot is usually in the neighborhood of $200,000 if won by a single ticket, but the actual amount depends on ticket sales for each drawing and the number of winners in each prize level (this is known as pari-mutuel).

What is a jackpot rolldown? If no one wins the top prize, the money in its pool "rolls down" and gets shared equally between winners in the 4-of-5 prize tier, up to a maximum amount of $555 per winner. If there's still money left over, the extra cash rolls down another level and winners in the 3-of-5 prize category share it equally.

If you win in the 2-of-5 level, matching two out of five winning numbers, you won't go home empty-handed either - the Lottery terminal will automatically print a free Quick Pick ticket for the next drawing.

How to Play Fantasy 5

Playing is easy. Your playslip has 10 panels, labeled A-J. Each panel equals one play. For each panel you want to play, choose five numbers from 1-36, or use Quick Pick to have the terminal generate your numbers at random. Select the draw time– MID for the midday drawing, EVE for the evening draw or BOTH for both draws. Each play costs $1.

For $1 more per play, you can add EZmatch for a chance to win a cash prize on the spot. You can also mark the EZmatch box on the top left of the playslip to add EZmatch to all the panels you wish to play. For each panel where you have selected EZmatch, you'll get a separate ticket with both your Fantasy 5 and EZmatch numbers (see below for more on EZmatch).

Do you want to play your lucky numbers for more than one draw? Just mark the number of future days you'd like in the Advance Play section of the playslip. If you’re playing both draws, it is possible to enter 60 consecutive draws (30 days in a row).

During the drawing, five numbers out of 36 are drawn. If your five numbers match the winning numbers, you win the top prize! Match four, three or even two of the numbers drawn and you'll win other cash prizes or a free ticket. All cash prizes are paid in a single payment.


Want some inspiration for your choice of numbers? The Fantasy 5 Statistics page has you covered! See the most-drawn "hot numbers", try your luck with numbers that could be "overdue" to show up, and more.

Add EZmatch for a Chance to Win Instantly

EZmatch adds the excitement of an instant cash win to your Fantasy 5 play! For an extra $1 per play, you could win an EZmatch cash prize immediately. Even better? You can win up to five times on one ticket.

EZmatch adds an extra five numbers to your ticket, below your Fantasy 5 numbers. Each EZmatch number has a dollar value printed next to it. If any of your EZmatch numbers match any of your Fantasy 5 numbers, you instantly win the total cash amount of the matching number(s) as shown on the ticket.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Below are the prize payouts and odds of winning for each prize level, plus rolldown prizes:

Fantasy 5 Prizes and Odds of Winning
Numbers Matched Prize* Odds of Winning Rolldown Prize*
5-of-5 $200,000** 1 in 376,992 -
4-of-5 $107 1 in 2,432.21 $555 (maximum)
3-of-5 $10 1 in 81.07 $18
2-of-5 Free Ticket 1 in 8.39 Free Ticket
Overall odds: 1 in 7.58.
*All prize amounts are estimates. All cash prizes are pari-mutuel.
**Estimated jackpot for a single winner. If there are multiple top prize winners, the amount is shared.

EZmatch Prizes and Odds of Winning

The table below shows the cash amounts you could win instantly for each EZmatch number that matches one of your Fantasy 5 numbers, plus the odds of winning:

EZmatch Prizes and Odds of Winning
Prize Odds of Winning
$500 1 in 84,000
$250 1 in 84,000
$100 1 in 11,052.63
$50 1 in 3,387.1
$20 1 in 1,400
$15 1 in 893.62
$10 1 in 100
$5 1 in 300
$4 1 in 60
$3 1 in 13.64
$2 1 in 9.38
Overall odds: 1 in 4.71.

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