Lottery Claims and Lottery Winnings

Learn about what to do if you win a big lottery prize, including how to claim and the steps you should take before you come forward, whether to take your payout as an annuity or cash lump sum, and how much you'll owe in federal and local taxes depending on where you live.

Biggest Unclaimed Lottery Prizes

The clock is ticking as we wait for the winners of three huge recent jackpots won within a two-week period to come forward.

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Cash or Annuity?

Lottery jackpot winners have the choice of taking the full prize in 30 payments over 29 years (the first instalment is paid immediately), or...

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Lottery Prize Taxes

A federal withholding of 24 percent is made immediately from lottery wins worth $5,000.01 or more. Non-U.S. residents lose 30 percent.Lottery prizes...

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Won the Lottery? Do These 10 Things Before You Claim

It's everyone's favorite daydream: what would you do if you won the lottery? You'd never have to worry about money again, right?Wrong.

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