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This page has practical answers to your lottery concerns, with some deep dives to understand topics we've all heard a lot about but that could benefit from some further explanation. Do you believe any common lottery myths? How can you avoid being the victim of an online lottery scam? What are lottery odds and what factors are they determined by? Which states let winners remain anonymous to protect their privacy?

History of the Lottery in the United States

When did the lottery start in the U.S.? It’s been a part of life since at least 1776, when the Continental Congress voted to use a lottery to...

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Lottery Myths

Lottery myths are commonplace. Although they don’t do much harm, it is always good to see those lottery myths exploded so that the real facts...

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Lottery Odds

Lottery odds are things that confuse many players, but they aren’t nearly as complicated as people tend to think. Read through our crash course...

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Social Media Lottery Scams

What would YOU do if you saw a lottery winner on Twitter offering you money - or got an email saying you've won and asking for your Facebook...

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Staying Anonymous

Staying anonymous when you win the lottery can be important to avoid many issues, but only some states currently let you stay secret. That is...

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Vaccine Lottery

An increasing number of states are offering a vaccine lottery with cash prizes and other incentives for getting a COVID shot. Counties, cities, and...

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