New York Numbers

The New York Numbers game is played twice a day, at midday and in the evening. You just need to select three numbers from 0 to 9 to take part, but there are a lot of options for different play types depending on whether you want to go in search of big cash prizes or favor better odds.

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How to Win NY Numbers

Straight: When you play a straight, you need to match the winning numbers in the order they are drawn. For example, if you select 123, you need the winning line to be 123 in order to win.

Box: If you play a box, the winning numbers can match your numbers in any order and you will win a prize. You can choose to play a 3-way box or a 6-way box. The odds are better for the 6-way box but the prize is smaller.

  • 3-Way Box – Select a number with two identical digits. For example, if you pick 112, you will win if the numbers are 112, 121 or 211.
  • 6-Way Box – Select a number with three unique digits. For example, if you pick 123, you will win if the numbers are 123, 132, 231, 213, 312 or 321.

Straight/Box: You can play a straight and a box at the same time if you wish. Half of the cost goes on the straight play and half on the box. If you match the winning numbers exactly you win both, while you win just the Box prize if you match all the numbers but in the wrong order.

Combination: If you play a combination, you enter every possible straight from a set of three numbers. You can opt for either a 3-way combination or a 6-way combination. It is different to box play because you have to pay for each combination, but you can win far bigger prizes.

Pair Play: Select a two-digit number and decide whether you want to try and match the front pair or the back pair. For example, if you pick 23 as the back pair, you win a prize if the last two digits of the winning number are 23, regardless of which number comes before them.

Lucky Sum: Wager was discontinued from September 9, 2018. If the sum of your chosen numbers matched the sum of the winning numbers, you used to win a prize.