New York Take 5

You can play Take 5 twice every day to be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars. Take 5 is a straightforward game that costs just $1 per ticket and offers four different prize tiers and odds of winning any prize at 1 in 8.77.

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$60 Million
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The Midday draw takes place every afternoon at 2:30 PM EST, and the Evening draw is held every night at 10:30 PM EST. Pick up your tickets by 2:15 PM for Midday and 10:20 PM for Evening to play the next draw.

To enter, you need to choose five numbers between 1 and 39. Prizes start from matching just two numbers - where you’ll be awarded a free Quick Pick for a future draw - and the jackpot can be won by matching all five numbers.

Prizes in Take 5 are pari-mutuel, apart from the match-2 tier, which means the individual prize amounts aren’t fixed and can change from draw to draw. Half of the ticket revenue is put towards the prize pool for each draw, and 20% of that amount is allocated to the Jackpot. The money is put towards the prize pool for the next draw if there aren’t any winners in a certain tier.

How to Win Take 5

These are the odds on you winning the different prize tiers in NY Take 5 draws

Prize Tier Odds
Match 5 1 in 575,757
Match 4 1 in 3,386
Match 3 1 in 102
Match 2 1 in 90